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I'm Peter Fabo, a photographer. Fabo is said to be originally a name from Sicily, but I am a Slovak from the countryside. I look for my roots in paintings on the corner of the street, in micro still lifes of Makra, or on the light border of the forest. Art is what I was born for, commercial work is what I live for. I know that a photo can change reality, but I like the world as it is. That's why I don't lie with my photos and I like to convey real beauty. I am a poetic pedant and also an educator: working with the students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague maintains the necessary level of rebellion for me, which one would easily lose in the middle of the city's instant reality. I'm not bloated, but a camera is also just a machine: if you don't believe yourself, it won't do its best. Dialogue is not an excuse for making concessions. I communicate well, the photographer should be a creative person with humility. I keep the agreed price and dates, I have three children and thanks to the twins I know that great content cannot be duplicated.