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limited edition book, 20,5x29,5 cm, 90 pages

Tall tales are always love stories.

Acool morning breeze flowed from the window across the room. The blankets flapped and it occurred to me that she looked like a cat as she took her time stretching. But then she turned to face me and her cheeks shone as she blushed. In the daylight even memories are lurid ...

But it could have been different. Photographer, Peter Fabo, did not create a closed-off story? through his work he was able to offer the viewer a sort of guide to his story. But perhaps his photographic work, Diana, only transmits to the viewer an impulse to recollect something that we all know intimately, something of which it is not suitable to speak, something everyone keeps to themselves and which they would gladly forget. In a general perspective it is almost always the same, but nonetheless different each time. In contrast to the "original" version of this photographic work (the book was published in a limited edition), which contained approx. 80 non-chronologically arranged photos from a period roughly seven years ago, here only a portion are published as fragments.

Vladimír Pešek